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Black Foxxes

Here's a portrait of Black Foxxes made just before their Alternative Escape set at Brighton's The Great Escape Festival. A cropped version has been used as their profile pic throughout the band's social media pages. This was a very quick set-up against the wall of some flats across the road from the venue. I really like quick sessions, there's no time to over-think the shot and so you end up working with your instincts, and for me I feel the images shot this way have a natural highly focused intensity. It's the kind of feel that fits well with their music. If you like your Rock with a heavyweight power trio sound, backing up a melody that won't leave your head for days, then Black Foxxes are the band for you. Some live pics from their set later that evening can be seen on page 24.

Beforehand, I had a really good chat with Ant (drums), while waiting for Mark (guitar/vox) + Tristan (bass). Ant used to be in Brotherhood Of The Lake, one of my favourite bands that have sadly split up (the live photo that was on the front page of their website was taken by me). I hadn't realised his involvement with them at first. It's a small world as they say. He is a quality videomaker too and has made promotional music videos for BOTL (of course), Feed The Rhino, Hildamay, Iris... As you could probably guess the Black Foxxes video for "You Gotta Grow" is also his work. Great stuff.

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