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Gallery Circus

Since The White Stripes first came to prominence there has been a growing amount of guitar/drum (or bass/drum) duos making their mark on the Rock and contemporary (harder) Blues genres. I'm really liking bands like Royal Blood, God Damn and Slaves at the moment. Gallery Circus can certainly be added to that list. Their songwriting is dynamic and inventive which pulls a full spectrum of musicality out of the instruments, they can sing(!) and are a compelling live act. No wonder the BBC put them in their top 25 bands from Sunday's Glastonbury festival performances. After their Glastonbury performance they received good airplay from Radio 1 for their track "Supercell" as BBC Introducing track of the week. It looks like Gallery Circus are starting to get the attention they deserve.

Gallery Circus at Glastonbury with BBC Introducing

I met them when they were in Brighton for a couple of shows at The Great Escape festival. We hooked up for a portrait session, the results you can see above, which has been used for social media and promotion. They are twins who seem to have a cool outlook on life and have returned to the UK having spent some years in the US (Chicago and San Francisco) which seems to have had a big influence in honing their sound and approach to music making.

They have an EP due for release later this year. In the meantime. Have look at the video for Supercell here and find out more about the band at

Gallery Circus live - Click for more pics

Above: Gallery Circus playing live at Komedia during The Great Escape festival. More on page 30.

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