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Core Of iO - Cliff edge

It was while at a gig to see Collisions earlier this year that I first saw Core Of iO play. I've seen them a few times now and every gig was superb, a razor sharp live band. Their music is certainly based in the Progressive Tech spectrum of the Metal genre but what makes them stand out from that incredibly talented crowd, in my opinion, is a slight NWOBHM edge. There's also an element of punkish honesty about their music which I like. As you can see from the portrait we did above they don't take themselves too seriously either.

As you can also see by the hands in coat pockets and hair blown back, it was a chilly and VERY windy day. Not really the best conditions to be taking photos standing on a cliff edge, and yes, that is a real cliff... I was on a small step ladder looking down! I think the laughter was brought on by the sheer ridiculous nature of the whole situation. Good fun despite the conditions.

I'm looking forward to shooting another Core Of iO portrait in the not too distant future as they recently won the Bar 42 Battle of the Bands competition... a photoshoot with me made up part of the first prize package. Incidentally, Bar 42 is a cool small venue based right on Worthing sea front that is really doing it's bit for the South Coast live music scene. It may not have a huge capacity but that just means it's easier to get a great atmosphere. Worthing is a big town that up until now has lacked a solid real live band hub. Bar 42 is a venue deserving support. Touring bands, check it out! Bar 42 on Facebook.

Core Of iO have a new track available and a wicked video to go with it. The song is called "14 Stitches" and you can see the video here. More info on the band at See them play live at Mammothfest at the end of August. More info on page 5.

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