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Since hearing their "I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit" EP, streamed on Rock Sound's website, Brawlers went straight to the top of my list of new bands to catch. When I saw they were to be playing at The Great Escape festival I thought I'd try my luck with their management and see if they would be interested in hooking up sometime while in town. As you can see we did indeed get together for a quick shoot and I'm well pleased to see they have used this pic as a cover / header photo for their Facebook and Twitter pages.

For those of you who haven't yet heard their refined high energy brand of punkish rock then go check out the video for the track "Mothers and Fathers". The whole IAAWPOS EP can be streamed via Alcopop's SoundCloud here too. If you like it (if ?!) then buy it!

By the way, this wasn't the first time I've taken a photo of Brawlers frontman Harry Johns. Here he is in 2011 playing bass for Dinosaur Pile Up. Is he still sporting the same headwear?

Harry Johns in 2011 with Dinosaur Pile Up. Same headwear?

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