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VEKTRILL by Greig Clifford

VEKTRILL are a band I've hooked up with a few times now, having photographed for a couple of EP covers, some single artwork, and general press-shot portrait work too.

If you haven't heard them yet, they're a fantastic creative guitar band, too varied to really pigeonhole, shifting between alt-rock styles and a more arty angle. Some say there's more than a hint of Muse about them but they have developed their own sound for sure, a unique band treading their own path. They deserve to go far.

I have always liked photographing on set and behind the scenes on video shoots so was very happy to be able to bring my camera along to the shoot for their song Prisoners off the recently released debut album Dualistic Priciple. Here's a few of my favourites from the day...

Photos from the video shoot for the song "Prisoners" by VEKTRILL.

Find out more about VEKTRILL from their website at

Here's the video... incidentally, it was made by Dan Skelt of 2bit Productions who is a really nice guy with an obvious talent for video and film making - do check out more of his work!

(Published 05/12/2019)

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