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Voodoo Vegas - Freak Show Candy Floss
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Voodoo Vegas - Freak Show Candy Floss

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this album before its release (November 4th via PHD). Classic hard rock is the name of the game with these guys and lady from the South Coast. They do it well… very well in fact. Freak Show Candy Floss shows a real flair for everything that made this style of music so popular back in the day and its great production gives the sound a modern feel. All the instruments have space to shine in the mix, the tasteful sophisticated playing working each song as a whole and not for each player’s personal ego. The vocals have a nice natural feel with a delivery full of interesting nuances and plenty of character. Well chosen and well placed harmonies give a lift to key melodies within each song and, of course, drive every chorus. I love the doubled vocal in the Walkaway verses, a song which ends the album in epic style. The chorus groove is cool as, so too the wah guitar licks throughout, even throwing some Sambora-esque talk box into the melting pot. The whole guitar solo section shows great musical maturity. Very nice indeed. In fact, the album is packed full of wonderful musical sections. There’s another fantastic guitar solo in opening track Backstabber, a big chorus and lots of cool grooves too. Long Time Gone has a great up-tempo swing that will surely get audiences bouncing, and a lick that sounds like some Irish rock jig that Thin Lizzy might have done. The bass playing in Resolution is particularly classy, reminding me of Love/Hate, which is no bad thing to my ears. Of course, there are plenty of great guitars here too. Every song has an abundance of riffs, grooves and licks, that seamlessly knit together to keep the energy flowing throughout while the hooks dig further in with every listen. My favourite track at the moment is Black Heart Woman… stunning guitar work, cool bass playing, a solid flow to the drums, dynamic vocals, a sleazy as hell chorus… it’s a great piece of music. Freak Show Candy Floss is an excellent record. In case you can’t tell, I love this album!

Have a look at the video for Killing Joke, the first single from the album, on YouTube here.

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More info on the band at

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