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Flowers Of Evil

This photo is of the bass player with the band Flowers Of Evil. I know 'noisey' images aren't to everyone's taste but I quite like them. I think the raw look of them suits a raw style of music so I've been experimenting when I can over the last couple of years to understand how the final image will look when I take the shot. Enhancing the grain in 35mm film essentially comes down to choice of film / chemicals and push-processing technique but with a digital camera it's not as easy as it might seem, at least to get my desired look consistently (whilst keeping the exposure across the image within acceptable levels of tolerance).

Anyway, Flowers Of Evil are a London band originally from the North East. Smaller venue stages tend not to be quite big enough for these guys! I'm not really sure how best to describe the music but it's definitely Rock and it's definitely raw. The band like to throw in a few different time signatures and play around with jazzy elements too so it's music that will bend your mind a bit. Interesting stuff and of course they're a little bit nuts live.

Find out more about the band on their Facebook page and go see a show if you can.

Flowers Of Evil

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