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The AvD, The Defiled - 2013

The Defiled are one of my favourite bands to photograph live. This page shows three gigs photographed in 2012, 2013 and earlier this year. The picture above is probably my favourite at the moment. It was taken at Brixton Academy in 2013 on the Jaegermeister Music Tour. I'm sure most music photographers working in the Metal genres will have a shot or two of 'The AvD' throwing his keyboard around. He's a born showman for sure. The band looked at home working a big stage like this and the addition of the 'plague doctors' added a cool theatrical element that all great Metal gigs benefit from. It's part of the fun of the genre. Of course the music is top notch so I'm expecting to see The Defiled becoming more and more well known, perhaps even future headliners of major festivals in a few years time. I also wrote a review of this gig for Pure Rawk which you can read here.

The Defiled - 2013

The first time I saw The Defiled was in 2012 at The Great Escape festival when I was commissioned by Rock Sound magazine to photograph their stage. This shot of The AvD below remains another of my favourites. I'm sure the band have received a lot of extra press exposure because of the effort they make to give photographers eye catching images that publications would want to publish.

The AvD, The Defiled - 2012

The Defiled - 2012

Earlier this year I caught the band on their headline UK tour with Butcher Babies and The Killing Lights in support. Photos from this gig are below. It was the first time I had seen a lengthier show by them (the others were 30 to 40 minute support slots) and of course they were playing to their own crowd rather than to another band's who they were the support to. It was good hearing the songs not normally played in a shorter support set. If you want to read the review I wrote for this gig it's here at Planet-Loud.

Second guitarist Aaron Curse is now no longer with the band. His departure can be seen in the LEGO video for latest release "Infected" taken from the "Daggers" album. Here's the vid. The Defiled are out on another headline tour of the UK late November / early December. Check their various social media for details... here's their facebook page.

Stitch D - The Defiled - 2014

The Defiled - 2014

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