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Andrew Hunt - singer with Buffalo Summer

Buffalo Summer are a UK band (Welsh I think?) who play good time Rock with a 70's Aerosmith and Skynyrd influenced Southern sound... lots of cool guitar 'licks' driving a catchy laid back groove. They were excellent when I saw them as opening band on the recent Metal Hammer / Classic Rock sponsored Lords Of The Riff Tour (these photos are from that gig). They have a bunch of great tunes and their constant touring really seems to have honed the live show. They play some big gigs (most recently, on the bill for Black Sabbath at Hyde Park) but you can still catch them close up in a smaller venue. Their next run of dates in the UK is with Phill Campbell during the second half of August and then they tour with The Treatment throughout October.

Check their website for more info...

I reviewed the gig that these photos are from. It's on the Pure Rawk website here.

Have a look at pics from the other bands that night too... Monster Truck and Scorpion Child.

Buffalo Summer

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