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Andrew Neufeld - vocalist with Comeback Kid

This was one of the liveliest gigs I've been to for a while. It's not often I leave a Hardcore gig without a few bruises (it's the price to pay for getting close to the action) and this Comeback Kid live show was no exception. When it was revealed the song "Wasted Arrows" was to be filmed for the official video things went particularly mental! Have a look at it here. Wasted Arrows is from their latest album "Die Knowing". It's a great record from a band clearly at the top of their game.

I reviewed this gig for Planet-Loud. Here's the write-up. One of the support bands really impressed me too. They were called The Greenery. I got a few pics of them I was particularly pleased with. You can see those on the previous page here. The opening band for the night were called Malevolence (photos here). They're worth a look too especially if you prefer a bit more of a polished Metal sound.

Comeback Kid

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