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"Metal", from TesseracT - playing live at Concorde 2, Brighton

I took these photos of TesseracT earlier in the year when Ashe O'Hara was still their singer. They have since parted ways and original vocalist Daniel Tompkins has rejoined the band. Despite the band's successful progression with O'Hara singing on their second album "Altered State" there will be many who will relish seeing TesseracT with Tompkins back, especially live with his more dynamic performance style. If the new material follows on from "Altered State" rather than as a continuation of the debut "One" I'm sure their newer fans (there's alot of them now!) will be happy.

TesseracT will be playing Hevy Fest in August and touring Europe and the UK throughout October and November. Animals As Leaders will be joining them on tour too! Full details are on the band's website here.

TesseracT playing live at Concorde 2, Brighton

These photos were taken when TesseracT were the main support band for Protest The Hero's recent UK tour. Photos of PTH's show can be seen on page 49. There are also photos from The Safety Fire and Intervals. I wrote a review too for Planet-Loud. See what I thought at the time here.

A few of my pics also accompany a review by Ben from ace band Enochian Theory for Rock N Reel Reviews. Thanks for the kind words Ben! See the review here.

One of Ashe O'Hara's final shows with TesseracT? - playing live at Concorde 2, Brighton

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