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Aryn Jonathan Black - Scorpion Child

This is Aryn Jonathan Black, singer with retro psych rockers Scorpion Child. The way he uses his voice can be quite remeniscent of an early Robert Plant. There's certainly more than just a hint of Led Zeppelin in their songs and sound. Scorpion Child are not a Led Zep clone though, they have a definite identity of their own and it's one that will surely see them hitting bigger and bigger stages. They were one of the best live bands I had seen all year. They needed to be, because they were co-headlining the Lords Of The Riff Tour alongside Monster Truck, another awesome live band.

If you like Rock with that whole 70's feel then Scorpion Child's album is a definite must buy. There's a cool darkness intertwined within the riffs that I really like and it's one of those records that will grow on you with each listen too. Here's a video for the album's opening track "King's Highway".

I was photographing this show for Pure Rawk. I also did a write-up too. Read it here.

Have a look at pics from the other bands that night too... Monster Truck and Buffalo Summer.

Scorpion Child

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