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Monster Truck

Monster Truck are a Rock band with a traditional 70's Retro vibe. They are one of the best bands I've seen currently injecting new life into this genre. Damn, they even know how to properly shuffle and boogie! Monster Truck manage to add a fresh feel to an old style by making use of an expansive contemporary sound. In a live setting they play hard, with technique and feel, a quality that has often been missing from new Rock bands for too long. Expect a very sweaty show especially from guitarist Jer Widerman who doesn't stop skipping and bouncing around the stage for a second. The great bluesy voice of Jon Harvey adds a timeless quality too.

These pics of Monster Truck were from the Metal Hammer / Classic Rock sponsored "Lords Of The Riff" Tour with Scorpion Child and Buffalo Summer. I wrote a few words about the show for Pure Rawk which you can read here. I took some photos of the other bands on this tour too... Scorpion Child and Buffalo Summer.

If you live in mainland Europe, Monster Truck will be supporting Slash on his European tour in November. Keep a look out for any UK dates...

Here's a recommended video for anyone new to the band... Old Train.

Monster Truck

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