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Neon Waltz

Neon Waltz is a band name that seems like an ideal description of the music they play, especially with a track like Veiled Clock... hauntingly beautiful Indie Pychedelia over a 3/4 time sig. (of course, it's not the only beat they know). They are a 6 piece from rural Scotland who apparently locked themselves in a croft in the wilderness for a year to concentrate on their music. The result is a whole bunch of excellent tunes packed with sublime melody and tasteful instrumentation. The tradition of great Scottish songwriting looks like it is in safe hands with these guys. Now they are starting to create a real buzz by taking the songs on the road and proving their worth as live band too.

More info on Neon Waltz can be found at their Facebook page.

Check out their latest video... "Sombre Fayre".

Neon Waltz

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