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Only Rivals

Straight ahead 4-to-the-floor Rock has seen renewed interest in the UK of late with the likes of Mallory Knox, Heaven's Basement and Deaf Havana among a number in the scene making their marks on the Radio 1 playlists. Although Only Rivals aren't technically a UK band (hailing from Ireland) they have been spending some time over here tapping into a fanbase keen to hear more new music. Only Rivals look to have all the right songwriting ingredients to see them hassling the charts and with some high profile gigs coming their way it might not be too far off.

Have a look at the vid for "Borders" off their debut EP "Details" here. A great tune.

See them gigging with Young Guns in August and extensively across the UK on the "Pop Punk's Not Dead" tour in November with New Found Glory, The Story So Far, State Champs and Candy Hearts.
All the info is on their Facebook page.

Only Rivals

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