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The four Australian Findlay sisters, known collectively as Stonefield, impressed alot of people on their recent trip to the UK, me included! As a band who have been together and playing since kids (I'm guessing there wasn't much else to do on the family's rural hobby farm just north of Melbourne) they certainly seem to have grown up into a very tight unit with a fine collection of retro vibe Rock songs.

The sound of the Hammond is the main give-away as to where their influences lie. Their set at The Great Escape showed a definite nod to the psychedelic heyday of late 60's / 70's rock... Led Zep, Hendrix, Zappa, Floyd, with a dose of Deep Purple thrown in for good measure. Having recently seen an amazing show by Canadian band Monster Truck (photos here), and with the UK's very own Buffalo Summer (more pics here) starting to make waves, this genre seems to be undergoing a bit of a revival. I have a feeling Stonefield have a bright future ahead. Their excellent debut album is out now!

Check their website for more info...


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