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Band: Collisions. Image title: Army of Me.

I have much respect for this band, Collisions, as players and as people. Always fun to be around with the ability to find the humour in almost any situation. They also make great music! Luckily I've had an opportunity to photograph them a number of times. This image above was inspired by their version of Bjork's "Army of Me" song. The background crowd is made up entirely of the band - an army of "them" in fact. In order to put this image together quite a few shots were needed to be taken, each with slightly different poses. There is a second image that was also done at this session which won't be shown on my site until I've seen it used by the band first (if at all)... a policy I have. This "Army of Me" image was used online by Metal Hammer accompanying a premiere for the "We Know The Enemy" video (screenshot below). The other pic next to it shows one of my shots used for a new band feature on Collisions in Rock Sound magazine.

The Army Of Me image used to accomodate the Metal Hammer video premiere for "We Know The Enemy"Portrait used for Rock Sound Magazine.

In the three years since I first photographed Collisions (supporting Senser) they have gone on to tour Europe with (hed)p.e., and gigged extensively, playing shows with bands from a wide cross section of genres including Sonic Boom Six, The Algorithm, Hacktivist, The Defiled... This year has already seen them play Hammerfest, and the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza. Look out for them at Alt-fest and Mammothfest in August, and for their debut album expected later in 2014 / early 2015.

Recording the "Believe In This" video at Black Hangar Studios.

The double jump image above was taken while the band recorded the video for "Believe In This" (with ace vidmakers Metal Wasp Media) which was a top 10 success on the Scuzz TV new vid chart (beating the likes of Slash and Lamb Of God). The jumps were something I had seen them doing in a couple of other run throughs for closer shots so when it was time to record the wider set-ups, and I could capture the moment without various other camera operators and equipment in the frame, I made sure I was ready. You can read my write-up of the day and see more behind the scenes photos at Pure Rawk. Here's the article.

More info about Collisions can be found on their website at
Direct link to Collisions videos:

Promotional portrait in an underground car park. The cars have been removed in Photoshop.

These last two images show opposite ends of the photography spectrum for me. The band portrait in an empty underground car park has had some tinkering in Photoshop... to remove the cars that were originally there. The image below was taken using a vintage rangefinder camera and lens, both of which are nearly 60 years old. It is the result of mulitple exposures on 35mm film.

A multi-exposure live shot using a vintage range camera and lens from the 1950's.

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