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The Opening Shot... Band: Death Ape Disco. Image title: Neckdeep

Death Ape Disco have become one of my favourite bands... thanks to their great live ability and an awesome debut album. That album is called "Supervolcano" and the first time I did any photography for them was when I was asked to do the cover shot for it. Their guitarist, Kit Brice, had a particular model he wanted to use... a model of an apeskull. It ended up having orange paint splattered, dripped and flicked at it by Becca Weight (who did all the excellent paintings seen throughout the album artwork) while I tried to capture just the right exploding lava type of effect. The final image used for the cover can be seen further down the page.

That is the same apeskull model as the one you can see in my promotional portrait of Death Ape Disco seen above and on the front page of this FEATURED update. It is also in the July 14 issue of Metal Hammer magazine accompanying a 'Hot New Band' feature on Death Ape Disco.

Metal Hammer's "Hot New Band" Death Ape Disco - in the July 2014 issue.

Incidentally, Metal Hammer also premiered their video for "10,000 Years" (created by Andrew Marshall) in which the band play in the mouth of the same apeskull while it is engulfed by lava from a volcanic eruption! Check it out here.

This image has been a part of my print portfolio since the start of 2014. I occasionally get comments about the story behind it - who is the guy walking in the background? How did the giant apeskull get there? Did it crash land? Is from another dimension? Or a relic from an ancient time? What is the significance of the trail of smaller skulls? Are the apeskulls around the band the remains of previously buried victims? My answer is... buy the CD, read the lyrics, and see if it makes any sense then. It might not, but then again it might, and at the least you'll have some great new music to listen to.

Close crops showing the "mysterious man" and  scale of  the ape head.

Death Ape Disco - Neckdeep, the full image

So far 2014 has seen the band achieve some well earned recognition which has led to them playing the Metal Hammer stage at Desertfest and with the help of their very dedicated fanbase go on to win TBFM Magazine's TBFM Factor. In doing so they have secured a release with Ripple Music... a great label for a band like Death Ape Disco to be with. It looks like exciting times for the band lay ahead.

More info on Death Ape Disco can be found via their facebook page at Supervolcano can be freely downloaded from their bandcamp page and if you want the full experience with artwork and lyrics, etc. then buying a CD is a must. Get a T-shirt too while you're at it!

Front cover artwork for Death Ape Disco's "Supervolcano" album.

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