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So after two or three years of people asking me "why aren't you on Twitter?", and being told the tweets get seen by ALL your followers (unlike the updates on Facebook), I decided to set up an account, if only to stop someone else with my name (or similar) doing it. The same with Instagram. It's another way for people to discover my work I supposed. Well, at the moment I still prefer Facebook.

I just don't see how Twitter and Instagram can work as well for me as a promotional tool, unless the people following me don't follow hundreds of other accounts too. On Twitter I now 'follow' over 150 accounts. To be honest I already can't really keep up with the newsfeed anymore. It is too time consuming. I therefore suspect any tweets I write will only really be seen by a handful of people (even if I did have thousands of 'followers', which I don't), only staying near the top of their feeds for a few minutes before being buried in an ocean of new tweets. Surely, the only tweets that stand a chance of being noticed are the ones where names have been mentioned and are then retweeted lots of times. The character limit is inconvenient too if there is anything with any depth worth saying.

With Facebook although it may seem unfair that updates only reach (for free) a minority of those who 'liked' a page or 'friended' you, they do seem to reach the people who interact the most with a page. I therefore feel it is the best way for me to keep updated with the bands and people I am mostly connected with, and still my prefered outlet for regular updates and general promotional bits and pieces. I still receive the occasional update from other bands I have 'liked' (but don't regularly interact with), just not all the time. This leaves my news feed essentially quite relevant to my online activity. Without this system the Facebook newsfeed would be just as useless to me as the Twitter and Instagram ones are becoming.

There is also something I have discovered about some of the bands (and clothing companies) using Twitter (I think it could apply to Instagram too) that is egotistical in nature, distasteful in practice and displays no class whatsoever. It's to do with 'following' etiquette. Naively I suppose, I was suprised to see some bands 'follow' me then 'unfollow' me once I have 'followed' them back. They must think it makes their stats look cooler having so many followers while they themselves look like they have followed hardly anyone. It certainly doesn't seem cool when you think how those followers were gained. To me it has the same feel to it as the whole 'buying likes' shenanigans with Facebook... all in the name of ego. I originally found it annoying but it is in fact so laughable that I've started to see the funny side of it (along with many of my media colleagues). I now enjoy the occasional harmless wager with a game I call quite simply "Follow - Unfollow".

Follow - Unfollow. When a band (or clothing company) follows you, bet on whether they will 'unfollow' once you follow them back. You really need to give them a week or so to act. Chances are if they still follow you after a couple of weeks they actually might be interested in your tweets! Some bands even have 'fans' who will follow you and then when you follow them back they'll send a message saying to check out a particular band. Once the message has been sent the sender of the message will then immediately unfollow you! Impressive tactical operations.

So to finish this bit of blurb... These things have happened to me several times already and despite trying to remain open minded I find it hard to like a band (or clothing company) who operates this way. Bands (and clothing companies!) who follow me, (in fact anyone who follows me) I will always follow back... unless you're a dating site, or similar, or into anything weird... Anyway, that's because I'm a polite chap, and I love new music so I'm always keen to check out new bands. If I see you have 20,000 followers and you follow 20,500 yourself, I'll know there's no possible way you can keep up with that many people but at least you're honest about what you do! That looks alot cooler to me.

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