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An introduction.
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So here we go, my first collection of blog posts, fifty pages in total. By browsing through them you'll get a feel for what I've been up to photography-wise. If you like what you see and would like to discuss a possible shoot please feel free get in touch via my website at

In addition to featuring some of my favourite recent images and the occasional look at something from my archive I'm using these pages to highlight some of the bands that I think like-minded music lovers would appreciate too. I have a tendency to ramble on a bit at times but I'm hoping you'll forgive the blurb. I'm still developing the format but it's essentially a collection of my images of, and thoughts / opinion on bands I've seen and enjoyed, and any other things I feel are worth a mention. I know people may not agree at times, but hopefully these pages will at least show my enthusiasm for live music and what I see as good musicianship and songwriting, whatever the genre. I can appreciate all styles if I feel it is played and written well. Thanks for checking out FEATURED.

Front page image - Death Ape Disco, Neckdeep.

And so to my 'Opening Shot'... the band Death Ape Disco buried up to their necks! Recently published in Metal Hammer magazine and TBFM magazine, it's an image that I'm proud of as every element of it is something I had to make specific decisions about... and it was a good laugh photographing it. I'd love to be doing more of this kind of work! There's more about the image and the band on page 6.

The Great Escape festival

These pages also include quite alot of images from The Great Escape festival. It is held locally to me in Brighton and with hundreds of bands and a lot of music industry representatives coming to town for three days I like to make myself available for as many photo opportunities as I can that week. It's a time to meet people face to face that I've previously only had email conversations with, and to make new contacts for the future. See page 3 for more on my experience of the festival.

Orange Goblin at Mammothfest 2010

One style of music that isn't really fully covered by The Great Escape, despite it having it's fair share of big selling artists and a healthy underground scene, is Metal. Thankfully, Brighton will get a whole weekend of Metal at the end of August when Mammothfest returns to Brighton this year. I met up with the organiser Steve Dickson recently and did a Mammothfest inspired portrait of him (look at the eyes!). Check that out and more Mammothfest info on page 5.

Enuff Z'Nuff at The Underworld, Camden, London 1996

The final page of this edition features some photos "From The Archives". In 1996, Enuff Z'Nuff played at The Underworld in Camden. If you know the venue you'll see it has changed a bit since then. Nowadays drummers no longer need to set up in front of a structural column. It is still there though! Have a look at more images on page 50.

Those are examples of the types of photography I like to do... creative imagery, live gig photography (look out for the live composites of We Are Knuckle Dragger and Prides), portraiture of course, and I still like to do things the old fashioned way too with 35mm film. It's how I learnt... developing the negs myself... printing in my own darkroom which I still have (but don't use much anymore thanks to scanners). I even use vintage rangefinders, some I rebuilt from scratch myself. The old glass in vintage lenses have a unique quality I love.

My favourite vintage cameras

So have a browse around. Click the 'next' or 'previous' buttons near the top of each page and if you see anything you think someone else might appreciate... feel free to share it.

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