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Here's the latest band I've seen that I recommend checking out... especially if pop punk is your thing. Evoking a time when skateboards were life and guitar bands hid wry grins behind messy fringes while unashamedly pushing addictive heavy pop melodies with a carefree spirit of reckless abandon, Brighton four piece RCKLSS are re-energising the underground scene with their debut EP So Cynical.

After I heard the two singles late last year, the inventive multi-layered Animals, and its follow up, the bouncy high energy Tell You, it felt to me these guys had the musical chops and song-writing nouse to be something rather special. Now, with the release of the EP and hooky third single Every Time, any remaining questions I had have been answered in style… RCKLSS are the real deal for sure.

This collection of six songs (more mini album than EP) have such a depth throughout it’s hard to appreciate this is a relatively new young band who don’t already have a couple of gold albums under their belts, seriously. The production values are top notch, the myriad of harmonies and interweaving melodies mixed sublimely, any extra sonic treatments always respectful to the overall song and never feeling overworked. The two more melancholic tracks on So Cynical particularly benefit… Struggle with its beautiful piano/vocal opening verse, and the utterly epic Empty Space which grows from a haunting guitar to stadium rock magnificence and back again to close the EP.

Importantly to their future potential success, singer/guitarist Matty Halliwell has a versatile voice that fits their pop punk stylings well, like a mix of Benjamin Kowalewicz from Billy Talent and Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong, while still retaining an identity all his own.

Can they play live? For sure, and hopefully some bigger stages will soon beckon them as I’d love to see what they’re capable of in front of a large crowd. I suspect they’ll feel right at home.

By the way, I made these photos at Bar 42 in Worthing. It really is a cool little music venue that punches way above its size. It's ideal for seeing great bands up close, with a good sound and lighting too. Make sure you visit the place often if you're in the area!


So Cynical is available to purchase and download at the usual digital music sellers and CDs can be bought via the band's online store. Go to for links to purchase or listen.

RCKLSS - So Cynical EP

Check out the videos for Every Time, Tell You, and Animals...

(Published 14/02/2019)

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