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Death Blooms - Death Blooms EP
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Death Blooms EP cover

For an EP just twelve and a half minutes long there's a lot to digest with this first release by Death Blooms. Over the four songs they've managed a rare thing, to blend a wide cross section of elements from the Metal/Punk genres to create a sound that feels fresh but still familiar enough to attract even the purest of genre diehards. Fans of bands as varied as While She Sleeps, Feed The Rhino, Comeback Kid, Touche Amore, and even Mudhoney should find much to rave over.

There's some seriously on point metal riffage going on but it's delivered with an unrestrained chaotic urgency, a feel reminiscent of the early punk and grunge garage scenes, despite the modern and well produced sound. The vocals bark and spit with an unrefined passion that leaves no doubt the lyrics have meaning. The music has an underlying rawness that keeps the feel constantly alive, the guitars are always busy with noise between the riffs adding to the overall sound of utter bedlam.

That's not to say the band isn't polished. The playing is quality, the songwriting is certainly sophisticated. No end of musical twists and turns build the pandemonium towards soaring melodic choruses and hooky vocal lines, even a quiet harmonious breakdown, the various juxtapositions between each making every moment of this record memorable.

The EP is self released May12.

Find out more about Death Blooms at

Check out the track I'm Dead...

(Published 28/04/2017)

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