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Aaron Buchanan

Aaron Buchanan has become one of my favourite singers over the years I've seen his career grow, first as the frontman for Heaven's Basement, and more recently putting his name to a new band Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics.

I've had the debut album, The Man With Stars On His Knees, for a while now for reviewing purposes. You can read my thoughts over at Pure Rawk here, but essentially I love it! It's a great hard rock record rooted with seventies era grandeur and inventiveness. I would think fans of early Queen will find much to like, although there are more contempory elements which give the band it's own identity and prevent the sound going too retro. There can be no doubt Aaron Buchanan's voice has a classic but distinctive feel, and there aren't many younger singers using their voices fully like he does... quite brilliant vocals thoughout the album. Have a read of my review and buy yourself a copy of the album due May 26th.

In the meantime, here's a few pics of the man himself, from his early days with Heaven's Basement...

Aaron Buchanan - Heaven's Basement

A little later, signed to Red Bull Records, and soon to release the Filthy Empire album...

Aaron Buchanan - Heaven's Basement

Most recently with the new band The Cult Classics...

Aaron Buchanan & The Cult CLassics

Find out more about the band at

Here's the vid for the first single... All The Things You've Said And Done...

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